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Hybrid to Remote with Angi

Updated: May 31

The wonderful and beautiful Angi (inside out) wrote a post about her experience going from hybrid to remote. You can follow her here on LinkedIn and/or follow her #remotewithangi.

New Year, New Job, New City: Embracing Life-Work Integration ☀️

This picture on my blue couch perfectly describes the changes the past few weeks have brought. Relocating to Barcelona and joining Remote has been an exhilarating adventure.

Here's what I've learned so far:

1) Life-Work Integration

It's not about achieving a better work-life balance but integrating life with work. Happiness and overall satisfaction should always come first; life should be above work because you come first.

2) Setting Realistic Expectations

Starting a new role with minimal expectations can lead to positive surprises. I was impressed by the structured onboarding at Remote, the startup life, culture, people and their eagerness to succeed.

3) Embracing Ambiversion

As an introverted extrovert, I've found that the remote working model suits me well. It allows me time alone to recharge while being part of a supportive team.

4) Asynchronous Work

With proper documentation and communication, urgent queries are addressed efficiently, making remote work seem like you're right in the office.

5) Flexibility and Freedom

Choosing your workspace at home or in a coworking space with colleagues is liberating. I've already co-worked with fellow Remoters and friends in different office spaces and at home on the blue couch (because my table is still missing).

6) Time Flexibility and No Commuting

This saves costs, reduces environmental impact, and allows for a more personalised work schedule.

7) Increased Productivity

A customised work environment and the option to change scenery enhance concentration and overall productivity. The concept of workcation is a great perk - try that out with Driftawave.

8) Access to Global Talent

Expand your hiring into other countries (with Remote's #EOR model), which promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion, benefiting everyone, especially those with caregiving responsibilities.

9) Health Benefits

Remote work has also allowed me to reintegrate my favourite activities like Pilates and Lacrosse into my routine, boosting my overall health.

This year, I plan to share more insights about remote work to help everyone seamlessly integrate work into their lives. Stay tuned for more #remotewithangi updates, and let's make 2024 a year of growth and balance! ✨


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