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Take life in your control with Jennifer Paine: Tech Career Coach

Updated: May 31

With the biggest drum I would like to announce we have a give-away prize again this upcoming workation trip to Croatia starting May 4th... !

The one and only Jennifer Paine is offering her knowledge and services for a coaching session of 1,5 hours. She is currently focussing on helping women in tech, yet also clever men know how to find her.


Career coach prize giveaway workation Croatia with Driftawave
Jennifer Paine an outstanding Career Coach who has Walked the Talk.

She has trained me for my interview with LinkedIn which I aced thanks to her.

She has established herself in the world of tech making it to sales & hiring manager at different well-known companies within the scene.

As a coach she is currently empowering others, and already far ahead when it comes down to organisation and processes.

In other words. It does not matter where you stand. This lady will drop fairy dust on your challenges so get ready and buckle up! Looking forward to this one taken into action!! Follow Jennifer on LinkedIn for hands on tips meanwhile.

If you are looking to find out more about the workation trip and say hello, please email us on so we can schedule a call.

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