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Tips to remain Productive whilst Working Remotely: additional Laptop Screen Recommendations

Updated: May 31

The most beneficial gadgets when it comes down to remote working are the extra screen and noise cancelling headphones. Ideally leverage USB-C on all devices so you do not need to carry additional chargers. A general laptop stand by itself highly depends on personal preferences; some love it, others prefer to take less. Yet it can depend on your type of work, the duration & narrative of your trip.

It looks like I could have an upgrade here, so we went deep! The below tips for additional screens have been provided by remote and hybrid workers within our network who venture around frequently.

A remote working setting on ski workation

Ipad Air

Apple users highly praise this option as it’s a lightweight and the different devices are instantly connected. Being wireless does not require to bring a different cable which can be beneficial. The prices for the Apple Ipad Air 2022 vary between 540 – 730 euros and weighs 462 gram.

Espresso Displays           

This would be a more budget friendly option compared to the Ipad Air with pricings from 329 euros for the 13.3 inch screen (and up). The screen is a laptop extension, does not carry a battery and comes with a foldable stand that connects with a magnet. The 1080 resolution screen lends itself perfectly for the creative under us being able to utilize the Adobe Creative Suite, Figma and such by the interactive ability. It is currently only available for Apple users, the Windows version is coming soon. After the investment being done you will be investing by carrying 620 gram around.

ASUS ZenScreen MB14AC

This screen is a great option as it’s very slim, and portable including a small table stand. The 14-inch screen is full HD (1080p), 20.8 cm high, 32.5 cm width, and weighs 590 gram. There are various blue light options and settings to choose from depending on your work hours or activities. This productivity investment will cost you around 229 euros and comes with a C-USB connection. This external screen has been leveraged by talent who also use the Ipad Air.

ARZOPA Portable Monitor, S1 Table 15.6

The Azora is perfect for travelling and has been mentioned by many, there would be 2 recommended versions depending on your personal preference.

The 15.6 inch laptop screen has widths and heights of 22.5 cm by 36.8 cm. It’s 1080 Full HD, and has a C-USB charger. Like most the display resolution is 1920 x 1080, yet it comes with anti-glare which is a great benefit when working from various places and settings. The screen will cost you around 117 euro.

ARZOPA Portable Monitor, 14

This is an ultimate slim laptop monitor that only weights 500 gram. The touchscreen comes in Full HD 1920 x 1080, anti-glare, C-USP connection and lends itself perfectly for a business trip or travelling. With pricing around 185 euro this provides a great light and budget friendly option recommended by many.

What else do we have on the market?

Please let us know if you have discovered any other great portable monitors or productivity hacks so we can help more people on a larger scale to leverage the benefits of working remotely!


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