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Why would you go on a Workation, and what defines Success?

Updated: May 31

Last summer Elia Argentiero joined us, who has a hybrid sales role at LinkedIn and has worked throughout various companies in the tech space up to roles in leadership. We invited him for a look back on the initiative and experience.

“The experience was truly phenomenal. I couldn’t have imagined it better, the vibe, the people, the food, the locations, everything was perfect!!”
Workation in Croatia combined with a week Sailing Yacht Holiday with Driftawave
Elia enjoying his Sailing trip during the Workation in Croatia.

“The initial reason that sparked my attention was that other colleagues would join. I wanted to go on a workation with my colleagues, because you’ll work together in a different way. It wasn’t necessarily a must, it’s just what caught me initially. I’m always open for sunshine, and the yacht week trip looked amazing.

Croatia and the sailing came secondary, but obviously got me hooked. I’m always open for new and fun experiences! This seemed to be an incredible trip and you presented it in a great way.

The pricing of the workation package is totally accurate. We actually got so much more service than we could ever imagine like the perfectly passion cooked food, and the inclusion of drone shots from a fellow traveller. Additionally, there was great teamwork between the participants, which isn’t always the easiest."

"The most important was that I got the feeling it was well arranged because you put so much energy and passion into the project, so I wasn’t worried at all. This is one of the only trips in my life where I was able to completely let go, as normally I’m the person organising and planning everything.”

Elia at KRKA national park waterfalls whilst being on a Workation in Croatia combined with a week Sailing Adventure by Driftawave - Your Workation Partner
Elia living dreams at KRKA national park


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