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Workation why & what are the Benefits?

Updated: Jun 2

In today’s world the lines between work and life have blurred. All primarily ‘online’ focussed roles have had a taste of freedom without sacrificing productivity if done well, for a matter of a fact for many increasing productivity. The challenges seem to strike when it comes down to onboarding new employees and connectivity of sparkling souls. Some might need an extra punch of energy to hit the ground running that day. However.. Long gone are the coffee chats on a 5-weekly base. Some miss the banter in between, others like to get their work done and focus on family, friends, time win by reducing commutes or even travel the world.

One thing is for sure, we are not going back to the old!!

Left and right there is a lot of change happening as even digital nomads are starting to settle down or navigating environmental responsibility by becoming slowmads. Workations are stepping into the life of those who are hybrid. Workations and/or retreats provide an answer to remote workers who are ready to step up their game, network, feed the hungry brain, looking for growth, answers, and the next milestone.  Freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for the spark, a change of scenery whilst taking a step back reconnecting to nature and core; for a solid navigation of the heart-ship. Yet not to forget the importance of our creators, the creatives ready to receive that burst of inspiration once again ready to serve the public!

This is where Driftawave – your workation partner steps in; a concept that combines remote work with vacation. Not just a trend but a lifestyle shift that feeds the hungry soul; helps you to explore the world, encounter yourself, those around you, and ever evolve your personal & professional growth without concessions being made on either side.

Remote Worker since 2014 Surfing in Fuerteventura Spain
Lara Lain a seasoned careerist living remote surfing dreams

Fireside chat with Lara Lain; a representation that travel and a career can go hand in hand

Last week during our workation in Saalbach, Austria we had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful Lara Lain live from Wales for a Fireside chat during our webinar “workation why & what are the benefits?” As she’s settled down being happy with her horses and boyfriend, she can still fill books of joy, and endless excitement about travelling.


Lara Lane spinning the waves of fortune

Lara Lain is a marketing award winning force of nature, seasoned remote worker, career tiger & digital nomad since 2014. She embodies the spirit of this movement with her travels focussed on energy, active sports, goal setting, whilst calling in balance for a peace of mind. She always tries to get the most out of herself and the people around her. Lara Lain pretty much embodies the phrase boundless opportunities.

How did she end up remote though, and where would one go?

She has been working for Finder an online publisher in Australia, who already understood the power of working from home long before the pandemic. Just before borders were about to shut down, she packed her bags and flew back home to Wales. As soon as she landed, she realised she wasn’t ready.  Her family thought differently due to current affairs, but Lara knew the right thing to do was moving to Spain. In fact, she flew out to the Canaries Islands of Tenerife and Fuerteventura. If there is 1 other destination, she holds close to hear heart and highly recommends for the digital nomad lifestyle it would be Bali.

As we’re speaking Lara is working for a company called BaseOne as a project manager, combined with being an Executive Assistant to the CEO & founder whilst taking on Human Resource tasks too. “It’s so important to be working for a company where I can be myself”.

The foundation of remote work

At the heart of successful remote work and workations lies a culture of trust and support. It drips down from C-level where the culture breathes into its subcultures. The ability to work remotely (from anywhere) remains a privilege and requires discipline. Combined with accountability, proper communication, and ‘open-door’ policies within a set period.

When it comes down to working remote and travelling you need team who supports it, and a friendship group around you. It’s important to have a team and/or someone who understands why you're doing it, and what you are doing. That’s why I’m really supportive of what you’re doing Gina.. “So you’re not just a wild card out of the blue just doing something”.


Productivity is not defined between the four walls of a traditional office but can flourish anywhere on the world within those lines. Because of the above Lara Lain was able to achieve her career goals whilst embracing the nomad lifestyle. In fact she was working in a corporate role/environment where the rules were not set out into detail. Everything was based upon mutual respect.

Embarking your first workation adventure

For those intrigued by the idea of a workation but unsure where to start, the journey begins with a single step. Start small, perhaps with a destination close to home, and gradually expand your horizons. Preparation is key; an organized trip can alleviate the anxiety of the unknown. Dream big but pursue those dreams with a plan in hand.

Lara outlines that it’s important to go and visit destinations of aspiration, together with people who are on the same line and mindset. Gina our founder outlines there are many different opportunities for travel and different goals such as meeting friends, family, community and different goals set out such as personal growth, company strategies, and longing adventures which can be based on different types of activities.

One thing that never gets old; it’s the people and spirit who make the place.

Productivity in the Paradise

Working remotely doesn’t mean abandoning responsibilities, in fact it requires discipline. Ensuring reliable internet access and finding conducive work environments are crucial. Weather it’s a home desk, a cosy café or a vibrant coworking space. Up to being able to flourish from the back of your (surf)van, whilst achieving the goals & tasks you set out for that day. A structured schedule amidst the freedom ensures that productivity remains high, even if your office for the day overlooks a sun-drenched beach or a gorgeous ancient city calling the inner soul.

Workation benefits

Workations are more than a change of scenery; they are a conduit for inspiration, creativity, and rejuvenation. They offer a unique blend of professional development and cultural immersion, allowing individuals to grow their careers while experiencing the world.

The connections made with fellow nomads/remote-/hybrid workers/entrepreneurs/freelancers and creatives are swift and meaningful, creating a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration and achievement.

Lara Lain working remotely and welcoming the concept of workations

A supportive company culture was never more important

The success of workations and remote work heavily relies on the company’s culture. Open communication and mutual understanding between employees and leadership are fundamental. A supportive environment, where the needs of both parties are respected, paves the way for a harmonious balance between work and wanderlust.

Safety remains an important topic. When venturing into unknown corners remember to stay connected within safe boundaries of civilization whilst being abroad. “I’ve worked from places where I thought one could trip over not to be found for 2 days, that’s not something I would recommend”.


How long should a workation last?

The beauty of workations lies in their flexibility. There’s no prescribed duration; some may find ease, growth and happiness in a week-long retreat, while others may embark on months-long voyages. The key is to listen to your needs and capabilities, allowing the experience to enrich you without overwhelming. In conclusion, workations represent a bold step towards a more fulfilling professional and personal life. They challenge the conventional, inspire the weary, and offer a glimpse into a world where work and play not only coexist but thrive together.

Driftawave invites you to soar beyond limits on this journey through its pioneering spirit, promising an adventure that’s as enriching as it is exhilarating.

So, why wait? The world is vast, and your desk awaits, wherever you may choose it to be.

What does the future of workations look like?

The webinar is a testament to the transformative potential of workations. As more individuals and companies recognize the benefits of this flexible work model, we are likely to see a continued rise in its popularity.

Workations represent not just a trend but a movement towards a more liberated, productive, and fulfilling work life balance. Whether you're a seasoned digital nomad or contemplating your first workation, the journey towards blending work with adventure promises to be as rewarding as it is enlightening.

How did we meet Lara Lain?

When working as the marketing manager for A.J. Hackett she didn't leave any moment out in the open to connect people whilst creating opportunity to scale A.J.Hackett (the first ever commercial bungy jump) to a 360 degree marketing exposure. One would land in the airport and get thrilled, enter Cairns to walk into a billboard, up to connecting us travel consultants being engaged with the brand. Did someone say follower Ads?

We will not forget those 6am bungy photoshoots in the jungle overlooking the Great Barrier Reef.. Even more magical looking back at the whole setting.

Lara Lain Living dreams! Be the judge.. Follow her blog for more inspiration: or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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