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Surf, Sunnies & Sunshine

did someone say Sangria?

Join us for a sunshine, surf and soul filling escape to Portugal this European autumn/winter.

We all know that lack of Vitamin Sea can do serious harm.

Since there is no doubt many digital nomads reside in, and remote workers escape to.. Portugal!!


It is a no brainer to add this prime location to our vision board & global playfield.

As we're building a mind-blowing itinerary & looking for THE perfect location in Stealth mode, we encourage you to follow our adventures and movements like the wind.

You can soon expect us to update our WhatsApp group to inform you about the newest additions to our remote work adventures.

Be sure to add this flying Pegasus with sunnies, if you're ready for take off and heavy lift of the soul +31 6 33 04 7991

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