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We are Driftawave

As a Travel Company specializing in workation retreats, we are here to help you unlock your inner adventurer and embrace a world of high energies, pride, boldness, and fierce excitement.


Our mission is to provide travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary, offering you the opportunity to thrive on both personal and professional levels.

Buckle up,
Soar beyond limits &
Embark on an unforgettable journey.

Read more about the story behind our branding here.

Kaitiaki River Rafting New Zealand

What spirits do we attract?

Remote professionals, digital nomads, freelancers & location independent entrepreneurs.

✨ The achievers, the innovative and the creative. ✨

✨ The adventurous & the free-spirited. ✨

✨ The inventors & the creators. ✨

The wild hearted.



Franz Josef Glacier Heli Hike New Zealand

Meet our founder

Hello limitless friends!

My name is Gina and I have been traveling the world extensively over the past 13 years.


Originally born in The Netherlands, I have also had the fortune to live in Aruba, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

It doesn’t just stop there.

I’ve spent about 2 years throughout Latin America.

Had the privilege to roam the globe working on superyachts and sailing yachts.

Worked as a purser on an overnight cruise on The Great Barrier Reef.

Counting 100+ dives on the Barrier, yet also dived the world wonders of Mexico, Aruba, Bonaire, Nicaragua, Colombia, New Zealand, the Red Sea, and Ireland.

Became a cowgirl in the Wild Wild West of Australia.

Worked as a bestselling travel consultant for over 2+ years.

Fear of heights yet managed a skydive and 10+ bungy jumps.

Accidentally became a bungy model praising A.J. Hackett;


Until covid stroke thunder and I went to continue my lifelong internship.

I landed in Ireland 3 years ago working in tech sales, experiencing corporate life to the new extent.

This is where I discovered workations;


driftawave is born.

I saw a chance to bring my different worlds and passions all together. In the hope of bringing you more of the earth’s life & glory whilst being able to achieve beyond.


Always happy to connect!

Find me on LinkedIn or reach out to me via

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