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Cancellation policy

If you wish to cancel your trip, you will need to inform Driftawave B.V. as soon as possible by email ( In case of cancellation by the traveller, the following costs will be charged:

  • till 56 days* before departure: 15% of the total travel cost** with a minimum of €250 per person

  • from 56 to 28 days* before departure: 50% of the total travel cost**

  • from the 28th day* (including) until the 14th day before departure: 75% of the total travel cost**

  • in case of cancellation from the 14th day* (including) until the day of departure or later: the full travel cost**


There may be exceptional cancellation fees that apply to your trip. These exceptional cancellation fees apply if you have chosen a flight or service that needs to be confirmed directly by us. In case you need to cancel the trip in this situation, we will have to charge the full cost of the airline ticket or service in addition to the cancellation fees for the land arrangement (which are calculated based on the cancellation timing, see above). If these exceptional cancellation fees apply to you, they will be specified on your invoice.


* Counted from the first office opening day after receiving the email.

** The total travel cost includes the published travel cost, any (international) flights, any airport taxes, any surcharges, any visa fees, any change fees, any additional costs. These amounts are covered by a cancellation insurance (provided you have a valid reason for cancellation).



The first payment of 25% will have to be received by us within 3 days after booking. In case you choose an international flight or service with high cancelation fees, you will have to complete the payment within the same day of booking. We will state this on your invoice. This is the only way for us to guarantee your international flight or chosen service.

The remaining amount of the travel sum has to be received by us latest 6 weeks before departure.



Per traveller we charge a booking fee of €27,50 euro (1 person), or €42,50 (2 people or more). We will also charge a special contribution of €2,50 to the calamity fund and a small fee to protect your booking fee through an organization like VZR Garant (meaning your booking payment is safe and protected). Besides that, you have the option to book a private room, which includes an increase, and several location excursions that have to be confirmed and booked when completing a booking with Driftawave B.V. The selected excursions will be stated on your invoice.

For excursions that you cannot find on your invoice, you can select, book, and pay with/to your local travel guide.

If you would like to adjust your travel booking (flights or extra nights) we will charge €50,- amendment costs per booking.



As a traveller, you are responsible for a valid international travel passport, visa, and/or any other travel documents. Always check the local government resources for the most up-to-date information applicable to your travel passport, visas any other travel documents. There are companies like CIBTvisas en Visa4Travel who could assist you with this.



Driftawave B.V. handles your personal information confidentially. Through this link you can find all the information regarding usage of this website, the cookie policy, copyright, and all your information.

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