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Get involved on the details of Magic at Work

Which airports should I best fly to in Croatia?

  • Both Split and Zadar would be great airports to land, within roughly 1 hour distance from the yacht departure. Ideally, we would meet in Split the evening before departure to meet your fellow travellers, acclimatize and not having to stress for departure due to delays. Zadar airport will be very near to our remote work village location so this is something to keep in mind. Please discuss with us prior to booking your flights to make sure everything goes according to plan. We can assist you with booking your flights if you wish so.

When and where is the boat departure?

  • The Yacht departures on Saturday 5pm from Šibenik in Marina Mandalina… We will organise a group pick up from Split around 3 pm.


I cannot make it on time for the yacht departure at 5pm, can I still join?

  • Get in touch with us, we can discuss with the captain where and when it would be best to pick you up. It’s much quicker to travel over land so be prepared to travel a bit.

Where will we be sailing on the Adriatic Sea?

  • We will be island hopping around islands such as Vis, HVAR, and more. Of course, we will visit the famous KRKA waterfalls. Bear in mind that sailing is weather dependent, so depending on the wind and conditions plans may change.

How much fun is it on a scale from 1-10?

  • 20 without a doubt, it truly is an adventure to never forget! Everywhere we have been so far has been incredible. The locals are so lovely and welcoming, most of them have taken the time to learn English. The captain knows all the great spots and makes phone calls all day to guarantee us a good park for the night.

  • When in doubt don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can share our experiences with you, and potentially keep a hold on your spot to clear out your mind.

When should I book?

  • Limited spots are available so get in touch with us via so we can schedule a call to get to know each other.

Where will the yacht be in the evening or at night?

  • We will change scenery between docking in the marina, on a buoy, or go for anchor. Every spot has its own little magic.

Will we be able to dance and shake in HVAR or somewhere else?

  • We will absolutely try our best to provide you access to day-/nightlife at a stage of the trip. Just remember, “what happens in HVAR, stays in HVAR”.

Will we go out for dinner in a restaurant?

  • Yes, we will choose one evening in a magical spot to go out for dinner.

Can we visit the land to go for a stroll, lunch, or drink?

  • If this is possible, you’re actually encouraged to do so, the coastal towns are beautiful Croatian locals are truly phenomenal!

Is there music on board?

  • ABSOLUTELY YES! There’s a speaker system installed which you can connect your phone with. We highly recommend downloading your ‘bangers of a tune’ prior to the boat departure to guarantee the best vibes. We can create a Spotify group list if wished so.

Who else is joining?

  • There will be hybrid workers, remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs joining the trip. We will set up a WhatsApp group prior to departure so you can kick of those incredible vibes straight away. (The group cohesion was incredible during our last departure even though most people did not know each other before coming, we are still actively in touch on the WhatsApp group).

Are the cabins shared?

  • Yes, they are so you might be looking at your new bff! Ask if your friends want to join and let us know at the time of booking so we can make sure you can cuddle away.

Is there air conditioning onboard? Yes, there is (Levi).

  • Can we grab some snacks or anything else from the shop prior or during the trip?

    • There are many supermarkets around and during the trip we will be able to visit some whilst touching land base.

What should I bring?

  • A smaller travel bag with the usual, sunglasses, swimming short or bikini, sun lotion. Bring a towel, snorkels and flippers if you want otherwise, we can pre-reserve these for you for a small additional rate. We are on a sailing boat so remember to pack light and things could be flying around.

What is included in the sailing trip?

  • 1 week sailing yacht.

  • KRKA national park entry ticket.

  • Croatia tourist taxes.

  • Most breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the yacht.

    • 7x breakfast

    • 6x lunch

    • 6x dinner

  • Beer, wine, Aperol Spitz, juices, and water.

  • Shared SUB to paddle.

What is not included?

  • General does not include:

    • Personal travel insurance, this is your own responsibility.

    • Travel visa or work permits, this is your own responsibility.

    • Flights, optional tours, and additional nights prior or after are excluded from the package.

    • We will add a small fee to your booking for your protection such as the VZR Garant (travellers protection scheme), and the Calamity fund (depending on your nationality/location of arrival/departure).

  • Yacht trip does not include:

    • Dinner, drinks, and food onshore are at your own expenses.

    • The wine tour/any activities on land can be decided onboard and will be at an additional charge.

    • The oysters can be purchased from a collective group fund if wished so.

    • Snorkels; you can add this to your booking for 10 euro. If you have a personal snorkel and flippers, we recommend utilizing those.

    • Sunbathing towels: you can bring this yourself or we can add it to your booking for 8 euros. It’s important to communicate this prior to departure.

    • Attending a yacht, it is common to tip the captain and/or crew voluntarily. This can range from whichever you feel like or are comfortable with, up to pure glorious blossoming captain/crew cheeks if you fancy.

Can I work remotely on the yacht?

  • No this is not advised; the week sailing classifies as a holiday. The internet connection will not be stable enough to be productive and guarantee connectivity. Obviously, the location provided afterwards will allow remote working during your workation in Biograd na Moru, Croatia.

  • We will have a simple Wi-Fi box onboard of the yacht, with 5G covering most of the area accessible through your phone plan. This allows you to touch base throughout the trip.

What does the food menu look like?

  • The food will be served family style, and we’ll be updating the menu later.

    • Breakfast will contain (scrambled) eggs, bread, yoghurt with muesli, and/or fruits. Cuppa coffee?

    • Lunch will typically be light so you can enjoy your swimming activities. Think about Ceasar salads, Greek salads, pasta salad, bread, cheese, and cold cuts.

    • Dinner will be such as traditional Cevapcici served with tzatziki, we will try to get our hands on some fish and/or calamari. Other meals you can think of are pasta bolognaise, wraps and such as.

    • We will get creative and come back with a more extensive menu plan, you’re welcome to share some wishes or ideas.

Please remember it’s a fun sailing trip and not a superyacht. You might be asked to help preparing and/or help to clean the dishes as a boat takes a lot of work so if you could contribute a bit that would be fabulous.

I have allergies, can I still join?

  • Of course! Always provide your allergies ahead of time so we can take this in account to make sure you have a pleasant ride fully alive.

What do I do with my other luggage?

  • We can leave bigger luggage in storage at the yacht departure location.

What about safety onboard?

  • After arriving on the yacht, we will conduct a safety briefing to communicate safety procedures to guarantee safety. When you are being asked to help with the fenders for example (big balloons on ropes to protect yacht) remember that we are on the ocean and calculated speed is recommended.

What if I get health issues onboard?

  • We will make sure to follow up on that accordingly to make sure the right steps are taken depending on the situation. If you have any allergies or health challenges/issues, please let us know prior to booking.

I get seasick, can I still come?

  • Yes, if tablets or ginger work for you. The summer 2 week departure would be your best pick due conditions, or get in touch with us to see if you can join afterwards.

What if I have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances?

  • We recommend you have a look at our terms and conditions through this link. We highly recommend purchasing a personal travel insurance that covers you for things such as sickness, loss of a family member, missing your flight, etc. The travel insurance has to be purchased before booking in order to be valid so take that in mind.


What is included on remote jungle work location?

  • Private accommodation.

  • Beach within walking distance of 5 minutes.

  • Access to the pool, restaurant area, and any other open space on the property.

  • WiFi hubs are installed specifically for our group to access; 4G portable routers reaching up to 4.6GPS speed. (The WiFi on phone personal plans has a solid speed for backup).

  • Breakfast every morning.

  • Lunch Monday to Friday specifically for our group.

  • Dinner Sunday to Thursday.

  • Cleaning service, linen and towels are included.

What is not included?

  • The above prior mentioned such as work permits and visas, travel insurance, flights, optional tours, and additional accommodation.

  • Dinner, drinks and food outside of the previous included offers.

Where will we work?

  • You can work from inside your accommodation, you can work from the terrace of your accommodation, you can work from the restaurant after breakfast is cleaned up, or additionally you can work from the pool if it tickles your fancy.

What is on the food menu?

  • Breakfast includes coffees, tea and juices. There will be fruits, egg, bread buns, yoghurt, cheese, and meat for you to pick from the buffet.

  • Lunch will be prepared specifically for our group so we can remain productive.

  • Traditional dinner varies throughout the different days and there is much to choose from on the buffet.

Is there a bar or restaurant at the pool?

  • Yes, there is! You will be able to purchase drinks, food and savage coffees. Remember this at your own expenses, and bills are to be paid on location to the premises.

Can I have my clothes cleaned?

  • Yes, this can be organised twice a week. Laundry washing will cost 3 euros. If you would like to have your clothes washed and ironed this will be 2 euros per person per piece.

Can I have a massage?

  • This service is provided by the location, please get in touch with us prior to double confirm on the given dates.

What are the prices of the optional tours and when should we book it?

  • The prices are not publicly announced yet. We will communicate more about this at a later stage.

What on earth is Biograd na Moru?

  • Biograd na Moru is a hidden gem with so much to offer, you will be very pleasantly surprised! There are many bars and restaurants in town and/or on the beach boulevard.

When will we wave goodbye?

  • This depends on the date of your departure, check out the following full dates of departures.

    • Saturday 4th of May – Saturday 1st of June 2024.

    • Saturday 29th of June – Sunday 14th of July 2024.

    • Saturday 31st of August – 28th of September 2024.

We are looking forward to see and speak with you!! If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to get in touch with Gina Schinkel or get in touch via

Exciting times ahead!!

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