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We have been fortunate enough to have been published a few times.

Wait no longer and check it out below.

IRK Magazine - Living

Oceans of Opportunity: Educational Ocean Travel & Eco-Conscious Exploration

During the Driftawave inauguration departure in Croatia May 2024 we had a special visitor.


Mark Haver, the founder of BlueGreen Generation Consultancy. Striving for a more sustainable earth and ocean, whilst optimizing international collaboration. He performs his role working remotely, in combination with attending live- and public speaking events.

Mark provided us incredible knowledge regarding ocean protection, sustainability efforts, and sparked a conversation that kept on going for hours.

Since Driftawave workations highly praises efforts towards ocean preservation and protection; we do now proudly call Mark Haver one of our ambassadors.

'This article allows you to dive into the enriching world of educational ocean travel. Embark on eco-conscious adventures that combine learning with sustainability.


Imagine exploring world wonders whilst learning about marine biology, conservation, and sustainable practices contributing to the preservation of our beautiful oceans.'

At Driftawave, we could not be more proud to have been featured alongside National Geographic. This special publication, dedicated towards
Earth Ocean Day, aims to drive awareness and attention towards these important topics.

Thank you IRK Living for this incredible feature!

Interviewer & editor: Patrick Duffy, founder of The Global Fashion Exchange and IRK Living Chief Editor.

Mark Haver Ocean Protection and Sustainability Consultant BlueGeen Generation Consultancy
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IRK Magazine - Lifestyle

Ditch the Cubicle, Embrace the Globe: Why Workations Are the Hottest Travel Trend

"Remember staring longingly at tropical beach pictures while stuck in your 9-to-5 grind? Well, those days are over! Thanks to the rise of remote work, a new travel trend is taking the world by storm: workations."

Why Workations Are Taking Over the Travel Trendscape

"Forget the days of daydreaming about tropical beaches while stuck in your cubicle. The rise of remote work has ushered in a new era of travel: the workation. But what exactly is fueling this surge in popularity? Here's a deeper dive into the reasons why workations are becoming the hottest trend for the modern professional.."

You can read it all here in the interview with IRK Magazine - Lifestyle

Author and interviewer: Patrick Duffy from IRK Magazine - Lifestyle

"After graduation, I defied the traditional career path, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a burning passion to explore the world." explaines Driftawave Founder Gina Schinkel, "The pandemic forced me to pivot – I lost my travel consultant job, and my dream of founding my own company was put on hold. But this detour wasn't without its rewards.  Through referrals, I landed incredible jobs that allowed me to travel the world on superyachts. I also delved into the world of tech sales, gaining valuable experience at one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. These experiences have only strengthened my resolve. I'm back with a renewed sense of purpose and a bigger mission: to help professionals achieve their travel dreams without sacrificing their careers. And that's when Driftawave was born!"

Her Expat Life

Work & Wanderlust: The Rise of the Workation Revolution

Join Gina as she shares her journey into the workation world; where work meets adventure.


Discover what makes workations a smart choice for blending productivity with exploration and how they offer value beyond just work.

How can we tackle challenges and seize the opportunities of remote work, ensuring these experiences benefit local communities and stay sustainable.

Find out how Driftawave picks unforgettable destinations, balances work with fun, whilst also providing tips for budget-friendly travel adventures.

Hear about unique cultural experiences and hidden spots ideal for workations.

Get a glimpse into the future of workations, and the exciting trends shaping this space.

Thank you Alexia de Souza for this heartwarming interview about the workation revolution and which opportunties the future holds ahead!


Live from the Austrian slopes.

Interviewer & editor: Alexia de Souza from Her Expat Life

Gina Schinkel founder of Driftawave during workation in Austria
Her Expat Life website

Her Expat Life

"Are you tired of the mundane office life? Do you often find yourself fantasising about working from a serene beach or a cozy cabin in the woods?

If you're seeking a skilled workation specialist with years of experience in the tourism industry, look no further than Gina Schinkel. Gina is the founder of Driftawave, a new venture that we had the pleasure of learning about at Web Summit, Lisbon. Having spent years elevating workations for various companies, Gina has honed her expertise in creating productive and inspiring remote work environments. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at Gina's background, her approach to workation planning, and how she can assist your company in achieving new heights of success through remote work. With Gina's unique touch, get ready for an unforgettable workation experience!"


Read the whole interview with our founder Gina Schinkel here

Interviewer & author: Susan Dickie from Her Expat Life

Read the personal story of Gina Schinkel, Founder of Driftawave workations featured on an interview with Her Expat Life

"Gina on workation in Austria being ultra productive, performing the corporate sales role of 2 people.

Winning awards that quarter;

✨ Best Account Director SMB EMEA out of seven teams
Best Transformation

Nominee for the award;
Best Customer Value"


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