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Inspirited Journeys and Workation Flows with Esther van Toledo: Executive Coach

Updated: May 31

Before starting this journey 10 years ago, I have gotten the most incredible tips and life advice one could get before starting to climb the self-designed career ladder. I had the pleasure of meeting Esther van Toledo.

Now who is she?

A Catalyst for Executive Success

She is an incredible executive coach with 16 years of experience. During that time, she has coached 5000 CEO’s and directors (!!!), and 200 companies. Her transformative method “Leadership of the Heart” has helped to accelerate companies being 3 times more profitable than their competitors.

Because of her belief, support, and dedication we were able to give away a speed coaching session during our pilot for the first workation in Croatia. Never ever in my life, have I seen people more excited during a bingo game to win the first prize!!

The lucky winner Malte walked away and blessed we are, was able to share his experiences afterwards. I would be so curious what this means 1 year from now. Or what about 5 when we’re talking life, career, and business aspirations?

Accelerating your Workation Growth with Inspirited Journeys and Esther Esther van Toledo
Esther van Toledo; a Catalyst for Executive Success

Malte's thoughts?

I had a powerful coaching session with Esther, who helped me discover and understand multiple layers as well as interconnection between my conscious and subconscious mind. She was very skilled and insightful throughout the session and helped me to better understand my emotional triggers and how to regulate them. Esther also made me aware of my behavioural patterns that are triggered by experiences in the past.

Her knowledge in the field of neuroscience and connections between the body and mind was very insightful. She taught me how to calm my state of mind and listen to my body through mini meditation and visualisation exercises. Esther also shared some practical methods to cope with stress and anxiety in my daily life.

I learned a lot in less than 2h session from her and I fled much more balanced and empowered after our session. I highly recommend Esther as a coach for anyone who wants to explore their inner world and transform their outer reality.

Great stuff Esther! Thanks, Malte 


We're looking forward to catch up with you Esther! Let's see where those winds will bring us combined with the power of the heart and manifestation. Feels like we're starting to hit the high winds here foaks, what do we reckon?!

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