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The Future of Work & Catching Trends with Nadia Harris: The Remote Work Advocate

Updated: May 25

We had the fortune to connect with Nadia Harris, who has been playing a critical role navigating and shaping the future of work. From theoretical headaches to establishing flexible work approaches in line with international laws and customized company policies. Lifting both companies and employees whilst making them more successful, productive, and increasing employee satisfaction.

Shaping the Future of Work & Catching Trends with Nadia Harris - The Remote Work Advocate
Nadia Harris: The Remote Work Advocate

Nadia you have been working with companies globally to set out guidelines around remote work laws & workations. Could you tell us a little bit about what drives you?

I strongly believe that great talent is everywhere, no matter where the people come from or live. Everyone deserves an opportunity to work for a great company. Technology makes this possible. It’s all about fostering equal employment access because it’s possible. It’s not easy at first glance as it requires a well-developed strategy, but it’s definitely the right thing to do. Also, the era of over-incentivizing employees with shallow perks and benefits is no longer the case. People don’t want to compromise their personal lives and everything that’s important to them, just to commute to an office to drink free coffee or eat free pizza. 

Based on your insights and the trends you've observed, what do you think the future holds for remote work? Are there any emerging trends that companies and individuals should prepare for?

When I think about the future of work I see AI playing a significant role in it. And well… AI doesn’t need a place to work. It’s already much faster and more efficient than human beings in some areas. For me this is a clear sign that it’s all about the “what” and “how” of work, rather than the “where”. Remote work has become a buzzword for many people and to some extent… I must sadly agree. Work is simply work. The fact where it’s done should be secondary. Change is painful so it will take a while for businesses to understand that they need to reshape their operations towards a fully data-driven and results-based environment. If physical presence is essential for a particular reason - I’m totally fine with that but asking people to commute to spend 8 hours in a cubicle and wearing a grey suit is just utter nonsense.

For me this is a clear sign that it’s all about the “what” and “how” of work, rather than the “where”.
Remote work trends with Nadia Harris the Remote Work Advocate

What are common challenges & struggles companies run into?

Many companies have absolutely no idea what they’re even doing (I’m not meaning to intentionally insult anyone!). They don’t know how to measure work in general, track productivity and goals, monitor outputs… Nothing. In many cases their decisions rely on proximity bias which is a syndrome that ensures preferential treatment of those whom we can see. Of course that’s the wrong approach but they’re mostly unaware of it. They make decisions based on assumptions, habits and patterns without being able to justify anything in a qualitative or quantitative way. They believe that a “one size fits all” approach will suffice just like it did in the industrial era. 

Where would you advise them to start?

Start with a simple SWOT analysis. Evaluate your own business model and based on that, develop an action plan and a strategy. Be agile while implementing change, observe the environment in & out, and be data-driven. Think proactively, not reactively. Ask yourself about the future of your business - what will you work on, where will you find the right talent and how will this talent work. Gen Z will become the main workforce very soon. They’re digitally native. Therefore, forcing them to fit into past patterns is a delusional approach. It won’t work even if you introduce a carrot and stick approach. No, don’t intentionally set yourself up for failure.

Nadia Harris the remote work advocate on workation in Switzerland
As we're speaking Nadia is enjoying her workation in Switzerland

What are the most positive outcomes for both employees and employers?

If remote work is treated as a business model and if it has a clear infrastructure within an organization, it’s a win-win situation for both parties. Employers can benefit from a highly productive, traceable working environment and employees can maximize their productivity by gaining the most beautiful valuable things in life - choice. The choice to be flexible and to choose where they’re most productive. Of course, making this happen requires mutual understanding and maturity that organization needs to tackle first in order to succeed.

How would you suggest measuring those?

Business revenue speaks for itself, right? 🙂Honestly, it’s all about setting up goals, KPIs and/or OKRs properly. Additionally, it’s essential to stay in touch with the people by conducting pulse surveys, regular brainstorming sessions and fostering an open communication policy.

For those inspired by your journey from a lawyer to a remote work pioneer, what advice would you give to individuals looking to advocate for remote work within their organizations or as a career path?

Passion is everything. In the beginning some people may think you’re crazy but the more you talk about it, the more data you share and the more you lead by example… The more people will jump on that very same train of thought. Never stop advocating for something you believe in.

And of course we got very curious.. 

What has been your favourite workation so far?!

It’s always the UAE and particularly Abu Dhabi. It allows me to focus on deep work and enjoy the surroundings. I absolutely love it!

Nadia Harris Remote Work Advocate in her workation habitat with deep focus and productivity
Nadia's workation habitat and rounds of deep focus

Check out her website:

And follow her adventures along:

Thank you for bringing the change, positive energy and growth mindset along Nadia!

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