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The story behind our branding

Updated: Jan 13

The last thing we want is to leave you uninspired whilst you find yourself in bootstrapping adventures! We’ve taken the opportunity to share a bit more about the background of our branding.

Pegasus comes from the Greek mythology and represents a divine stallion with a white colour reflecting purity. He’s immortal and keeps riding to heavens.

Pegasus sprung from Medusas blood after Poseidon defeated her. The God of seas and waters, horses and earthquakes sired Pegasus. Wherever Pegasus hoof would hit earth, a water spring would appear.

Water represents about 71% of the earths surface, of which nearly 97% is captured in oceans. It never sits still and constantly moves around by the state of the moon, gravity, transpiration and evaporation. It’s still widely undiscovered, holds incredible world wonders, and with the interesting challenges we have nowadays this is where my attention flows.

Poseidon’s brother Zeus oversees Olympus, home of the gods, and happens to carry both power and intelligence. Zeus would let Pegasus carry thunder to Olympos and eventually turned him into a constellation, honouring years of faithful services.

Pegasus was ridden to defeat the monster Chimera which composed of different animal parts. As we accelerated into the future of work because of the pandemic. Talent who had access to remote work opportunities benefitted of the freedom to a different extend, instead of being played down. Not to mention the opportunities it opened for talent around the world, or companies to rediscover their cultural essence.

Would you take any other ride chasing the next dot on the horizon?

..And who would take off without a decent pair of sunnies?


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