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New Beginnings and Unforgettable Adventures

Updated: May 31

Happy New Year! As we welcome 2024, let's celebrate our passion for exploration and self-improvement. Resolutions taken into action can be life transformative, 1 step at a time.

Blending Work and Wanderlust

Our journey through Croatia last summer reminds us of the thrill of embracing new beginnings. This trip was transformative, especially for the winner who received coaching from Esther van Toledo. Her "Leadership of the Heart" method is an outstanding example that personal and professional growth can be exhilarating.

Activate your Compass

As we embrace new year resolutions, let's focus on goal setting as our compass. Whether it's career advancement, improving health, or seeking new adventures, setting clear goals is the first step towards realizing them.

Here's to a year of joy, success, and unforgettable adventures! I wish you a life filled with energy, pride, boldness, and fierce excitement where achieving goals becomes the new norm.

Speaking about horizons

Our community, like our founder Gina, is united by boldness and a desire to live life fully. We're a mix of remote and hybrid professionals, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. The achievers and the believers; the wild-hearted!

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Sailing Croatia Adventure Workation
Workation Sailing Croatia Adventure with Driftawave


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